Hawaiʻi Children's Action Network (HCAN) is a movement supporting keiki and strengthening their families. We advocate for laws and policies that keep our children safe, healthy and ready to learn so they can thrive. We take on the most critical issues facing children and families in Hawaiʻi.

Parent Leadership Training Institute

You know your community’s challenges better than anyone else. The free Parent Leadership Training Institute gives you the skills you need to successfully create change. Learn more or apply today!

Children’s Policy Agenda

The Children’s Policy Agenda reflects the input of HCAN Community Champions Members who are committed to improving the lives of Hawaiʻi’s children by promoting public policy changes that benefit their health, safety, education and economic security. The proposed bills and resolutions represent the top priority issues of our Community Champion members.


Working Families Coalition

The Working Families Coalition is a diversified group of nonprofit organizations, academia, unions and community advocates fighting for Hawaiʻi's families through policy, advocacy, and education. Learn more.

Hawaiʻi Early Childhood Advocacy Alliance

The Hawaiʻi Early Childhood Advocacy Alliance (HECAA) is a partnership of local organizations dedicated to ensuring all children have equitable access to affordable, culturally reflective, high-quality care and education.

Issues and Research

Learn more about our top issues and latest research. Our priorities include:

  • Health: Children should have affordable, comprehensive, quality healthcare from birth throughout childhood
  • Safety: Children should be free from abuse, neglect, exploitation, and violence. Economic security is also vital
  • Learning: Children and their families should have access to affordable, high-quality early education, and childcare