Increasing investments in our youngest children is a top priority at Hawaiʻi Children's Action Network.  For 20 years we have been advocating for increased access to high quality, affordable childcare, preschool and other programs that serve young children and their families.

Hawaiʻi's children and their families face many obstacles to accessible and affordable childcare and early education.  In 2018, HCAN convened a new network, the Hawaiʻi Early Childhood Advocacy Alliance (HECAA), to address the need for affordable, quality childcare and early education among children 0-5 years old.  The mission of HECAA is to create change so that all children will have equitable access to affordable, culturally reflective, high-quality care and early education. For more information, explore early childhood data and research here.

Why Hawaiʻi Needs Better Early Education

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