Fiscal Sponsorships

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HCAN is proud to serve as a nonprofit fiscal sponsor for community organizations and initiatives, including:


Hawaiʻi Diaper Bank

The Hawaiʻi Diaper Bank's mission is to serve and support the keiki of Hawaiʻi by providing diapers, wipes, and other basic essentials to organizations that assist low-income families with young children.



Kiaʻi ka ʻike: The Directors' Association of the State of Hawaiʻi 

Kia’i ka 'ike is an organization of professionals who care for children, youth, and their families. Established in 1999, Kia’i ka 'ike provides opportunities primarily for directors of child care programs.



Hawaiʻi Careers for Young Children

The Hawaiʻi Careers for Young Children Registry is a statewide program that documents the qualifications of practitioners based upon training, experience and professional achievements in the field of early care and education.


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