Community Champion Membership

Join us in making Hawaiʻi a better place for keiki

The Hawaiʻi Children’s Action Network Community Champions for Children Membership Plan is a movement of  people who share one goal: to make Hawaiʻi a great place to be a kid. We partner with families, policy makers, business leaders, preschools, and nonprofit agencies to ensure Hawaiʻi’s children are healthy, safe and ready to learn. With a unified voice, we speak for Hawaiʻi’s future. 

Community Champion members come together each year to create a Children’s Policy Agenda, speaking with a unified voice for Hawaiʻi’s future. The proposed bills and resolutions represent the top priority issues of our Community Champion members.  Under each initiative listed, there is a lead organization that serves as the primary point of contact for advocacy.

The Agenda is organized into the following categories affecting kids and families:

  • Economic Security and Equity for Children
  • Family Strengthening
  • Health and Wellness
  • Child Safety and Welfare
  • Education

What is the Community Champions For Children Membership?

Hawaiʻi Children’s Action Network (HCAN) has a proven track record in advocating for meaningful policies in early childhood education and development.

The Community Champions for Children Membership Plan offers our advocacy tools and resources to the nonprofit community and direct service providers. Members get timely information and easy-to-use tools they need to influence positive policies and investments for kids.


Our most recent successful initiatives


  • Collaborated to pass the Foster Youth Bill of Rights giving all children in foster care certain explicit rights and protections. 
  • Enshrined the federal Patsy T. Mink Equal Opportunity in Education Act (Title IX) at the state level, to ban gender-based discrimination in state-funded educational programs
  • Created a question on the November ballot regarding a constitutional amendment allowing the state to tax investment properties to fund public education (including pre-k).


  • Secured $19 million in new funding to support 10 new public Pre-K classrooms and continued funding for 18 charter school Pre-K classrooms.
  • Expanded SNAP benefits so that SNAP recipients receive double credit when using their benefits to buy locally grown fresh produce.
  • Secured funding for the telehealth portal within the Hawaiʻi State Department of Health.


  • Required the Department of Education to establish a standardized data collection process for schools and complex areas to maintain records and report data to the department. The department will be required to submit an annual report to the legislature including data collected about student discipline, seclusion, restraint, and other information on students. 
  • Prohibited the suspension or expulsion of children participating in the Executive Office on Early Learning's Public Prekindergarten Program.

“Hawaiʻi Children’s Action Network provides me with the advocacy tools I need to effectively advocate for the children and families we serve at Imua Family Services. HCAN is at the front lines, educating and  informing on our families’ behalf. HCAN  keeps me engaged in issues that are close  to my heart as a nonprofit CEO and as the  father of a 5-year old boy.”

- Dean Wong, Executive Director, Imua Family Services


How does it work?

  • Membership term: one year, starting on the date you sign up
  • Participate in the Children’s Policy Agenda
  • Information is disseminated by email

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