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Applying for Child Care Connection Hawaiʻi?

Here are some tips!

Who can apply?

  • Parent (birth, adoptive, foster, hānai) or legal guardian of the child. 
  • You need help paying for child care and you are:
    • Working
    • Going to school
    • About to start a job
    • Job training

What you'll need

  • You, the applicant, will need to submit copies of your valid state or government-issued ID and if you have a co-applicant, their valid state or government-issued ID.

If you are self-employed, the following is needed at minimum. Requirements vary depending on the type of business.

  • GE tax license
  • G-45 tax filing form or Tax returns
  • Income generated for the past 2 months prior to the application date
  • Proof of your employment/school/job offer/job training:
    • Pay stubs (best to have 2 months, but 1 month is OK)
    • Offer from employer with start date (can request a letter from employer)
      • Job offer must include the scheduled start date, work schedule (days/hours) and pay information (how much, when paid, and how often paid)
      • Job training verification must include a start and end date 
    • School enrollment forms that show credit or hours enrolled
      • Days of the week attending classes
      • Online class schedule 
    • Have a child care provider already selected or considering to use.
      • This helps during the interview so the case manager can send appropriate documents for the selected provider after the interview.
      • If you haven’t selected a provider or you don’t know of any, CCCH can assist you by connecting you with PATCH, which can provide support with selecting licensed providers.

Before you send in, make sure …

  • Your application is complete with your signature (and your co-applicant’s signature).
  • You’ve attached/included copies of the Department of Health Birth certificate for ALL minor children in the household.
    • If you’ve ordered certificates but they haven’t arrived, send the receipt from Department of Health. You’ll still need to submit a copy of the birth certificate when it arrives, but this allows the application to start processing. Link: https://vitrec.ehawaii.gov/vitalrecords/
  • You’ve included copies of your (applicant’s) valid state or government-issued ID (and your co-applicant’s valid state or government-issued ID).
  • If you’re employed, you’ve included the past 2 months of income verification; if not, you’ve included your job offer letter.

After you apply

  • When calling to follow up on status, leave a detailed message if possible and at minimum, your name and good contact number for a return call. Very important to leave a phone number!
  • After the application is submitted and registered, a telephone interview will need to be completed to determine your eligibility for the CCCH program.
  • After the interview, documents will be provided to you to be completed by you and your provider. There is a 10-day deadline to return these documents. 
  • Documents may be faxed, mailed, emailed, or dropped off at any CCCH office. Please refer to the closest office to you for fax, mail, email information. 

List of resources and documents

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