From Anxiety to Clarity Episode #19

September 08, 2020

Star Advertiser Column: Hawaii’s unemployed suffer as delays persist with governor

August 25, 2020

KITV-Lawmakers seek uniformity in telework policy

August 20, 2020

KHON2 - What parents need to know as distance learning begins

August 17, 2020

Honolulu, Hawaiʻi: Over 70 officials, organizations, and individuals — representing a broad range of interests and constituencies — released a statement today calling for a halt to “sweeps” of the houseless community during this ongoing pandemic. Many members of this community are families, but the City and County of Honolulu...

Community Advocates, Organizations, And Officials Call On The City And Hpd To End Continued “sweeps” Of Houseless Families During The Pandemic

August 13, 2020

HPR: Public Preschool Classes Cut For Children With Financial Need To Cover State's Budget Shortfall

July 29, 2020

HPR - Hawaii Parents Grapple with Lack of Flexible Work Hours if Chidren Do Not Return to School

July 23, 2020

KHON2 - Working families looking for solutions with distance learning in schools

July 22, 2020

Star Advertiser: Social service workers rally at state Capitol

June 23, 2020

KITV : Extra $100 weekly payments for unemployed individuals could be on the way

June 22, 2020

Civil Beat - Lawmakers: $600 Million In Federal Relief Funds Will Now Go To Hard-Hit Residents, State Agencies

June 22, 2020

Star Advertiser - Nonprofits urge lawmakers to quickly commit federal funds to cope with social needs

June 17, 2020

Civil Beat - Teachers, Just Like Other Working Parents, Are In A Bind Over Lack Of Child Care

June 17, 2020

Child Care Providers Reopen But Struggle With Lowered Capacity

June 17, 2020

Hawaii News Now - New COVID-19 guidelines poised to dramatically alter how child care facilities operate

May 29, 2020

Star-Advertiser - State issues strict new child care facility requirements to cope with COVID-19 threat

May 29, 2020

Civil Beat: Don’t Let Child Care Become An Afterthought

May 19, 2020

Maui Now - House Committee on COVID-19 Discusses Balance of Economy and Health Concerns

May 13, 2020

Star Advertiser - Child care access crucial to recovery

May 13, 2020

Hawaiʻi News Now: Child care facilities allowed to reopen

May 08, 2020