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Meet with Policymakers

We will assist you in setting up, and planning the content of a meeting with a local legislator.  Meetings are an ideal chance to cultivate relationships that will help bring proven investments for businesses, the economy and children to our community.

Press Events

Hawaii Children’s Action Network holds press events at key times throughout the year to draw support and attention to legislation important to business leaders and our community.  If you choose, you may be offered an opportunity to participate in such an event to discuss the importance of investments in children that will strengthen Hawaii’s businesses and economy.  Hawaii Children’s Action Network will alert the media about the event and assist you with talking points prior to the event.  This is an opportunity for you to be highlighted in our community as a leader.

Letters and Op-Eds

We will assist you in reaching out to the media – and thus our policymakers – through an opinion editorial or letter-to-the-editor.  Such letters are powerful tools to bring public awareness to important issues and garner attention and support from our policymakers.  We can draft such a document for you, tailor it to your own experiences and assist you in its submission.

Sign-on Letters

At times, the most effective way to reach our policymaker(s) will be through sign-on letters coinciding with a legislative issue of importance.  The sign-on letter will ask the policymaker to take a specific action benefiting businesses, the economy and our communities, and you can become involved by simply adding your signature along with those of your peers. Hawaii Children’s Action Network will obtain your approval before adding your name any every letter.


Hawaii Children’s Action Network participates in a variety of ways to communicate with policymakers, including committee hearings and briefings.  When such events occur, you may be offered an opportunity to testify.  When you raise your voice, you influence policymakers who will be making important decisions that will affect our community. We will assist in drafting your testimony and ensuring that you are prepared.