Champions for Children Lei Fund

On Thursday, March 12th, Hawaiʻi Children's Action Network will be honoring three exemplary community leaders who have made a significant difference in the lives of Hawaiʻi's children and families. Our inaugural honorees are Al Castle, Kū Kahakalau, and Calvin Sia. At the event, we will honor these individuals with a gift of an award and a beautiful lei. (Learn more about the event.)

If you’re attending the event, instead of bringing your own lei, you’re welcome to contribute to the lei fund for any or all of the awardees. If you are unable to attend, you are still welcome to contribute and honor these community leaders. Each lei that we present will come with a card listing all donors’ names. Any additional proceeds will benefit HCAN’s programs to ensure all keiki are healthy, safe, and ready to learn. To contribute, simply write the name(s) of the awardee(s) in the “In honor of” field.


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