Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Training Series: August-September 2021

Presented by Hawaiʻi Department of Health, Maternal and Child Health Branch • Hawaiʻi Children’s Action Network • Hawaiʻi Children’s Trust Fund


Micronesian Migrants in the US: Background, Migration, and Health
Presented by Davis Rehuher • September 21, 2021


When Stress Becomes Toxic
Presented by Dr. Sarah Watamura • September 16, 2021


Using our Brains to Create Safe, Connected, Empowered Organizations and Communities
Presented by Dr. Suzette Fromm-Reed • August 26, 2021

This session will challenge participants to reframe their approach to their work with Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) as they explore the link between brain and community research. This link illuminates a path to resilience through the creation of collective safety, connection and empowerment that allow every group member to thrive. Participants will examine specific examples of organizational and community actions that can help to regulate the stress response system, with a focus on how neuroscience informs individual and group responses.


STAMP Resilience Into Your Brain
Presented by Rick Griffin • August 18, 2021

Trauma shows up from our history and impacts our current reality. We need mental resources for it, and you can build these inner strengths by guiding your brain’s learning process. Because of the brain’s negativity bias, painful and harmful experiences move to the front of awareness, while enjoyable and useful one’s fade into the background. By tilting back toward positive experiences, we can level the playing field altered by trauma. This session is an overview of CRI’s new course on resilience.

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