Become A Sponsor


“PLTI has made a big difference in my life. PLTI is important for our communities. I believe I can change and help my community a lot more than I have in the past.” — PLTI alum

Thank you for sponsoring the Parent Leadership Training Institute! Your gift supports the movement for children by training the next generation of change agents. PLTI is a free, unique program that empowers families by teaching skills in leadership, advocacy, and civic engagement. PLTI is organized by the nonprofit Hawaiʻi Children’s Action Network.


Sponsorship Levels:

$200: Sponsor a meal. PLTI includes free meals for all participants and their kids. Your financial contribution or in-kind donation makes this possible.

$400: Sponsor a session. PLTI includes a full-day retreat, 20 weekly sessions, and a graduation ceremony. Your sponsorship will offset the cost of one session.

$1,200: Sponsor a future leader. Each PLTI session trains about 20 future community leaders. Your sponsorship will offset the cost of this program for one participant.


If you’d prefer, you can mail a check:
850 Richards Street, Suite 201
Honolulu, HI 96813

Contact Ryan Catalani, Director of Advancement