Meet our new board members!

By Jackalyn Carione

Hawaiʻi Children's Action Network is proud to announce our new board members: Lingie Chiu, MD MBA FAAP, Ryan Gomes, Camille Hampton, Ed.D, and Dana Senaha, Ed.D.  HCAN's Board of Directors is instrumental in guiding the organization to significant achievements in pursuit of our mission: To build a unified voice educating and advocating for Hawaii’s children, and our vision: All children in Hawaii are safe, healthy and ready to learn. 

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Lingie Chiu, MD MBA FAAP

Pediatric Medicine

Why did you want to join HCAN?

"A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken. Ecclesiastes 4:12 (NLT)

I am excited to be joining the passionate team of advocates at HCAN to help advise state and local policymakers to support evidence-based systems that improve the lives of children and families." 

What issues are you most passionate about and why do you think those issues are so important? 

"Economic security and equity for children, family strengthening, health and wellness, child safety and welfare and education. As a medical professional and community member, I have a natural passion for health and wellness for children and families of Hawaiʻi nei. I think health and wellness issues are so important because medicine is constantly evolving and it's important that the state and local healthcare policies keep up with the changes. We want laws to reflect the most current research and evidence-based medicine of 2020."


Ryan Gomes

Hawaiʻi Criminal Justice Data Center

Why did you want to join HCAN?

"I wanted to join HCAN because I believe in the mission of HCAN. I am a native child of Hawaii, and I believe that the work that HCAN does is invaluable to/for our local community."

What issues are you most passionate about and why do you think those issues are so important? 

"When it comes to keiki, I am most passionate about access to healthcare, education, and child care for children themselves, as well for their parents/guardians. I am also passionate about parenting classes and other programs for parents."


Camille Hampton, Ed.D

University of Hawaiʻi West Oʻahu 

Why did you want to join HCAN?

"I think it is so important to give back in any way I can. After learning more about HCAN, its mission, and its work in the community, I was even more excited to be part of the great work that the organization is doing for children in families. I've been an educator for 18 years. Getting involved and using our gifts to help others is something I encourage my students to do and this gives me the opportunity to model that for them."

What issues are you most passionate about and why do you think those issues are so important? 

"I'm very passionate about creating and contributing to environments that allow students and teachers to thrive. I believe that education is an important way that we can build up our communities. I also believe that everyone learns differently and our current system does not always meet the diverse needs of our students and families. Part of educating students is helping them to develop a love for learning which can happen in so many ways if we are open to being innovative." 


Dana Senaha, Ed.D

The Center on the Family, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa

Why did you want to join HCAN?

"My husband and I are big believers in giving back to our community. In recent years, as a mom of two young boys, my focus has been on being a mommy and learning to balance that with my career.  When my youngest entered preschool, I felt that it was a perfect time to begin to explore community service opportunities, particularly ones that would allow me to leverage my professional expertise and passions. When [Board President] Erica Yamauchi approached me to join the HCAN board, it was really a perfect fit. I have worked professionally with [Executive Director] Deborah Zysman and HCAN over the years and respect the work that the organization does for our state's keiki and ʻohana."

What issues are you most passionate about and why do you think those issues are so important? 

"In general, I am a passionate advocate for the need to create opportunities for ALL children to participate in and benefit from high-quality early childhood education. I believe that ECE provides children with a solid foundation, not only for their educational journey, but for life (not to mention the long-term economic benefits to the economy). As part of this, it is not only important to increase access, but to also work to professionalize ECE by creating opportunities for teachers to improve their qualifications and working to change public perception so that the general public becomes aware and values the important work that these teachers do! At this point in time, despite being a truly essential service, the industry is struggling to stay afloat. I believe that raising awareness and public support for the industry is vital. More of the available COVID economic relief funds need to be directed to shore up the childcare/ECE industry." 

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