Kindergarten Entry Age Is Changing


Starting August 2014, a child must be 5 on or before July 31 to enter kindergarten. The change is a result of Act 178, Session Laws of Hawaii 2012.

We know that the beginning years of a child’s life are critical and don’t want our children to miss a year of early learning.

To help prepare for this important change, the Executive Office on Early Learning will be providing a series of resources for families, preschool providers, and Hawaii Department of Education staff. We will post more resources as they become available.

For Families

For general information about options that may be available to you, click the following: Families Flyer

To find out what programs may be located near you:

Contact PATCH (click on the link to the “Families Flyer” above)

View the preschool density map on Good Beginnings Alliance’s website. (NOTE: Programs included are only those licensed by the Hawaii State Department of Human Services.)

For Providers

We have developed resources that you may find useful for your families.

For commonly asked questions and a list of some available resources for them to look into, click the following: Providers Flyer

For more information, go to the Executive Office On Early Learning website.

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