Big Island Now: National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week Starts Today

The Hawai‘i Department of Health is encouraging health care providers and the public to learn more about the effects and sources of lead exposure to children as part of the National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week, which starts today and ends Oct. 31.

“Lead poisoning is one of the most overlooked threats to the health of our children,” said Deborah Zysman, executive director, Hawaiʻi Children’s Action Network. “We’re grateful that the Department of Health is starting this important community conversation. Working together, we can protect our keiki from this completely preventable issue.”

Children can get lead into their bodies by breathing in lead dust (especially during renovations, repairs or painting) or by swallowing lead dust that settles on food, counters, floors, windowsills and toys. Lead paint can also mix into the soil and get on a child’s hands.

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