Hawaii Children’s Action Network (HCAN) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and the only one in the state of  Hawaii solely committed to advocating for children.  We address the root causes of poverty and inequity and develop public policies that help children and their families.  

Mission: Build a unified voice educating and advocating for Hawaii's children.

Vision: All of Hawaii's children are healthy, safe and ready to learn.


We believe every child deserves a fighting chance to realize their full potential and focus our work on advancing public policy that impacts the systems that serve children.  Poverty alleviation starts at birth and it is our responsibility to invest in our children.

  • 15% live in poverty
  • 51% are not attending pre-school
  • 71% of 4th graders NOT proficient in reading
  • 70% of 8th graders NOT proficient in math
  • 27% of children's parents lack secure employment
  • 41% of children living in households with a high housing cost burden
  • 25% are "food insecure" -- they don't always have enough to eat
  • 2/3 do not get simple screenings for developmental delays while these delays affect 30% of the population
  • 32% live in single-parent households



Advocate for smart policies and investments in our children.

Build and strengthen coalitions among nonprofit organizations to plan and strategize successful solutions to children’s issues.  When necessary, we also train those organizations on how advocacy or policy and systems change works.

Mobilize individuals and communities, creating a strong movement for children’s issues.

Develop and analyze Data and Research on health and wellness of children in Hawaii.

Create strategic partnerships with businesses and philanthropic organizations who care about children's issues.

We work where there can be significant and lasting impact because the opportunities for success are supported by sound science, strategic planning, effective organizations, strong leadership, and community-based constituencies.