As children’s health, education, and economic security face threats from the federal government, Hawaii’s families are turning to state and local policymakers to support evidence-based systems that improve the lives of children and families.

The Agenda reflects the input of HCAN Community Champions Members who are committed to improving the lives of Hawaii’s children by promoting public policy changes that benefit their health, safety, education and economic security.  The proposed bills and resolutions represent the top priority issues of our Community Champion members.  Under each initiative listed, there is a lead organization that serves as the primary point of contact for advocacy.

The Agenda is organized into the following categories affecting kids and families:

  • Economic Security and Equity for Children
  • Family Strengthening
  • Health and Wellness
  • Child Safety and Welfare
  • Education


While there were strong wins for keiki and youth in 2018, the legislature was unsuccessful in passing critical initiatives that would have improved the lives of Hawaii's children and families.

2018_Policy_Agenda_Results_Cover.png  Download the results of the 2018 Hawaii Children's Policy Agenda

2018 Hawaii Children's Policy Agenda

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2016 Hawaii Children's Policy Agenda Results