DentaQuest new strategy - Get more community and consumer voices to be engaged in policy change efforts

March 4, 2020- DentaQuest Partnership for Oral Health Advancement has a long-term mission to create an effective and equitable health system that results in improved oral health and wellbeing for all but have developed a new strategy to get more community and consumer voices to be engaged in policy change efforts.

DentaQuest's 3 core values with their funding approach are: 

  1. Oral health is a critical part of one’s overall health

  2. The system of oral health has created barriers for traditionally underserved communities, resulting in inequities and barriers to care for certain populations

  3. Collective action is needed to "shift the conditions that hold the problems in place"

Along with their values, their goals for this year are: 

  • elevating communities and consumer voice;

  • supporting collective policy advocacy; and

  • developing equitable, integrated models to deliver better care in oral health and overall health.

Hawaii Children's Action Network has been funded by DentaQuest Partnership to help build community power to create oral health equity and support our advocacy efforts. 

Read the full article by DentaQuest here. 


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