Parent Leadership Training Institute Hawaii


 "It's your opportunity to make a better world for our kids."

-Jamie McOuat, PLTI Cohort 1 


We are pleased to announce the third cohort of the Parent Leadership Training Institute (PLTI) Hawaii.  This is a free civics and democracy training course for up to 25 caring individuals (not just parents).

PLTI offers a stimulating curriculum that will boost leadership skills to address areas of concern such as, accessible child health, the achievement gap, neighborhood safety, and the significance of parental involvement that culminates in an individual project. Participants will emerge as strong leaders and advocates for all children and their communities.

Candidates will be selected from a diverse group of individuals, who are passionate about children‘s issues and policies, and also have an interest in developing their individual leadership skills.

This program is free of charge.  Meals, parking and childcare are provided at no cost. Your time, commitment, and a community project that reflects your passion is what we ask for in return.  Please consider whether PLTI is the right initiative for you at this time.

Our next cohort will begin in October, 2017.  The curriculum runs for 20 weeks total -- 3 hours one night per week for 20 weeks.  It's a similar commitment to a college course and at the end you will be empowered with a certification from PLTI.

 "It's possible to change laws, it's possible to change who is in office, it's possible to change's all possible!...because everything comes down to the children in the end."

-Jamie McOuat, PLTI Cohort 1 



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