2017 Hawaii Children's Policy Agenda (PDF)

The detrimental effects of the high cost of living, low wages and scarcity of affordable housing in Hawaii are magnified for our low-income families and their children. Fifteen percent of our children live in poverty, more than half of our 3- and 4-year olds are not attending preschool and one-third of our homeless population are children. 

Collaboration on the Hawaii Children’s Policy Agenda serves as the starting point to ignite awareness of, bring together support for and amplify the advocacy for pro-child policy changes in our state.

During the convening of the Children’s Policy Agenda in October, 2016 and the subsequent online input more than 50 organizations and individuals came forward to support a number of issues affecting children and their families in our state. For the purpose of organization, we aggregated related issues and grouped these under the following focus categories:

  • Education
  • Health and Wellness
  • Child Welfare and Safety
  • Economic Security and Equity for Children
  • Family Strengthening

The 2017 Hawaii Children’s Policy Agenda supports children by:

  • Advocating for Hawaii’s keiki, families, and communities
  • Improving the future by focusing on children
  • Promoting public policy changes and shared investment that benefits education, health, and economic security for our children.

Partners in the 2017 Children’s Policy Agenda are invaluable advocates who have dedicated themselves to improving the future for Hawaii’s children. Hawaii Children’s Action Network, respects the diversity of expertise, perspectives, and priorities within this community of advocates and is honored to advance the work of our peers in children’s advocacy.  Hawaii Children’s Action Network supports all of the items within the Children’s Policy Agenda.


2016 Hawaii Children's Policy Agenda

2016 Hawaii Children's Policy Agenda Results