Hawaii Children's Action Network

Join in and help Hawaii's Children!

Welcome, we're glad you're here!  Hawaii Children's Action Network (HCAN) is a collection of citizens, organizations, and companies dedicated to solving complex problems facing our children.  We know that children's earliest years are critical -- presenting both lots of opportunity and risk, yet we're failing to give our kids the care they need in these formative years, and the state of Hawaii's children is worsening:

  • 27% of children's parents lack secure employment
  • 51% are not attending pre-school
  • 13% of children live in poverty
  • 25% are "food insecure", meaning they don't always have enough to eat
  • Two-thirds of Hawaii's children do not get simple screenings for developmental delays, yet 30% of children are at risk for them


We hope you'll join us to start implementing smart solutions for our systemic problems.  The "status quo" is not working for our kids, and we want to change that.